4 Ways To Position Yourself as a Thought Leader

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Becoming a thought leader and getting the best out of it is an activity that requires quality efforts to get you the result you desire. The fun fact here is that nobody was born a thought leader, we grow and evolve to become a thought leader which means anyone can delve into the waters. I bet you’re wondering how to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry, right?

Well, you are in the right place, because in this article, I will be sharing 5 proven ways you can achieve your goals of being a thought leader.

A thought leader is an individual who has a systematic approach to bringing fresh perspectives into concepts, especially to address a particular audience’s pressing concerns. Not only do thought leaders provide answers to current nagging questions in the hearts of their audience, but they also give insights into related possible occurrences in the future.

We can also say that a thought leader is an individual who has years of quality experience under their belt which places them in a position to give counsel, advice, insights, and perspective. Alongside the quality experience, you have evidence and proof that people have found value in your contributions. There are several examples around you if you look.

How To Position Yourself As A Thought Leader

1. Improve your knowledge

Devote yourself to improving your knowledge, don’t be stuck on your education knowledge or the professional knowledge you acquired, go far and beyond to seek knowledge. There is nothing wrong with learning from other people, it absolutely does not reduce your value, but rather it increases your value and even helps you to deliver excellent results on your job and also be able to contribute to conversations.

As much as it is believed that a thought leader should know everything, you are opening yourself up to better opportunities by seeking to learn more. As Benjamin Franklin would say, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, and I agree with him.

2. Share your knowledge

With the goal of positioning yourself as a thought leader, you need people to see and recognize you. How to do this is either to volunteer to share for free, or make people pay for the knowledge you have. For people to be willing to pay for your knowledge, they need to see you and be sure that you have value to give to them. It doesn’t take too much, there are various ways you can achieve this, check this out.

3. Grow your network as a thought leader

As humans, it is normal for us to evolve, which means that the people in your network 5 years ago, may not still be there because chances are they have evolved and you fell out while they were evolving or they fell out while you were evolving.

No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others. – John Donne

There are professional organizations, and communities out there that would spur you to achieve the new goals your evolving is pushing out. alongside this, you can also get access to opportunities just by virtual belonging to an association or community of people with like minds.

Take, for instance, we both belong to a book reading club, and during the introduction/networking you sold yourself and what you do or have done so far. At that point, I may not need your services. A few months later, there is an opening for a speaker in the field where you claim to work, who do you think I’d reach out to, YOU of course.

The reason is that I have an acquaintance with you and you have provided proof that you can deliver what I need. Now imagine, if you had been reluctant to step out of your comfort zone, you would have lost that opportunity.

4. Market yourself and what you can do

The best product you can find on the aisle in a supermarket is not the best product, but it is the product that is available on sale, and that is because the producer believed that their product is the best thing, and also the store manager as well. The best product might still be in the art of the potential producer, or just be lying fallow in a warehouse somewhere, not because it is not the best but because it’s not being marketed. The same applies to you, it is not enough that you have the knowledge or skills, and experience, to talk about it. Talking about it doesn’t mean on social media alone, it could be anywhere, as long you’re having a conversation that requires you to talk about yourself, don’t be shy to do that. Be proud of yourself and your achievement.


In this article, I have shared 5 ways that you can position yourself and stand out as a thought leader in your industry. Like I would always say, it’s not enough that you have taken time to read this article, implementing them is what really counts. The world is waiting for what you have in stock for them.

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