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5 Books on Real Estate in Africa You Must Read

Books on Real Estate In Nigeria

The real estate market has evolved over the years into the financial powerhouse that it is today. Real estate in Africa remains one of the emerging markets, one that major players and stockholders spend time on.

Here are the top five books to read, if you want to be a top player in the African Real Estate market:


1. The law and practice of real estate investments trusts: with highlights of African REIT models – Hakeem Oguniran

Written by one of Nigeria’s real estate experts, this is a comprehensive text on the Law and Practice of REITS – Legal Framework, Investment Benefits, Structure and Governance, Capital Markets and Listing, and Tax Treatment of REITS. A pivotal chapter of the book deals with highlights of the major REIT Models in Africa – Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda, and Kenya. This is a must-read for investors and individuals interested in the dynamic Nigerian real estate market and Real Estate in Africa.


2. Retire Rich Through property – Jason Lee

 In this new edition of South Africa’s best-selling property book, ‘Fast-forward Your Retirement through Property’, Jason Lee provides up-to-date information on how to build a property portfolio that will allow you to take charge of your financial security for a stress-free retirement. Retire Rich through Property takes readers through every step of the property process, but goes further by focusing on finding the right deals for retirement purposes; how to negotiate and finance a property with retirement requirements in mind; and whether to hold on to or sell a property for financial gain. With myriad insider tips from a property-investment expert, this book will allow the reader to push aside reliance on state- and employer-sponsored retirement benefits and work towards a secure retirement through the property. This easily accessible guide is a must-read for first-time property purchasers and experienced investors alike who are looking to fast-forward their retirement or to retire comfortably at their chosen age. It’s a most read for Real Estate in Africa.

Real Estate Books in Africa


3. The real estate market in Ghana – Wilfred K. Anim-Odame


The Real Estate Market in Ghana’ is one book that seeks to fill the information gap on a key emerging real estate market and demystify the perception that this particular market in Ghana is opaque. Drawing on decades of experience from within the market, Dr Anim-Odame presents a detailed examination of the real estate market in Ghana and its existing regulatory framework. The book focuses on seven thematic areas – land administration, legal perspectives, market dynamics, investment potential, market competitiveness, valuation, and compensation.

Real Estate Books in Africa

4. Over 100 answers to nagging questions about real estate investment in Nigeria – Mojisola Afolayan

The book “Over 100 Answers to Nagging questions About Real Estate Investment in Nigeria” was written by a leading property expert- ESV. Mojisola Afolayan ANIVS, RSV. The motive behind the book is revealed in a simplified way- the things you need to know and can do to invest safely in real estate in Nigeria without being exhausted. Written in very simple language, you’ll find answers to your most important nagging property questions, including:

  • What is real estate itself?
  • Who are the real estate professionals?
  • What are the different title documents?
  • How do I cope with issues regarding ownership and possession?

All these and a lot more, are the questions that get addressed in the book.

Real Estate in Africa

5. The African-American Guide to Real Estate Investing: $30,000 in 30 Days: the Handbook & Guide Through Your First Real Estate Deal– and Beyond by Laryette Kyle Debose

In this book, the author gives readers a breakdown of how to build a successful and profitable real estate business. This step-by-step, easy-to-follow guide will show you how to make money through real estate with these easy steps:

  • Buy Property with No Money Down!
  • Plan and Begin the Process of Real Estate Ownership
  • Know When to Hold or Sell Your Property
  • Choose the Best Mortgage Deal
  • Position Yourself for Wealth
  • Understand Foreclosures and How They Can Work for You
  • Select the best Realtor to meet Your Needs
  • Find Your Ideal Property.

Real Estate book in Nigeria

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Three proven steps to becoming a thought leader

Thought Leader


Want to become a thought leader in your niche?

Ingrained in everyone is the natural desire to succeed. This is why sporting competitions dominate every space and every corner- Watching people compete for a common goal reflects the desire of the human race to rise above what’s normal and achieve the impossible.

This is what thought leaders do.

Thought Leaders dare to rise above all the odds stacked against them, pushing the bar higher with every step they take. The world’s influential thought leaders didn’t start out the way they are now. For example, when Olugbenga Agboola, the co-founder of Flutterwave, began his career in tech, he didn’t own a company that would eventually rise to unicorn status. All he had was characteristic of many thought leaders in the world today- talent, determination, and plenty of hard work, which eventually paid off.

Okay, so you want to become a thought leader. Now, there are so many processes involved but generous that we are, we’ve outlined them in these three proven steps:


1. Think

Sounds funny, right? Thought leaders are men and women who stop, pay attention and think. They are not complainers- you know those people who complain about every single thing: the government, the country where they were born, their background; all those kinds of things.

To think is to churn ideas out of your mind and make a constructive conclusion out of it. Thought leaders spend a large amount of their time thinking above any other activity, as it is from here that the process gets easier.

Rather than complain about what has already happened, thought leaders think about what can be done to change the narrative. They energize the creative powers of their minds, cooking up theories and stretching themselves to the point where every ‘crazy’ idea seems tenable. As simply as René Descartes puts it, Cogito ergo sum, meaning ‘I think, therefore I am’ Thought leaders think greatness, think positively and think on a global scale and then become.

Book recommendation: Thinking for a changeJohn C. Maxwell


2. Study

Another word for study here is self-development. Self-development is a broad term that involves all the actions needed to steer sustainable growth. In simpler terms, it is everything you need to do to become better.

If you must become a thought leader, you have to pay the price of sitting still to study. Studying is beyond reading books; it is the art of discovering what makes systems function and keep running. No human being created the earth, so the only way to make an impact while you’re here is to study what already exists and make alterations; sometimes little, other times, life-changing. Here are some important pointers to note to make studying effective:

  • Get available resources in your chosen field, including material resources & audios.
  • Identify the thought leaders currently influencing the field you’re interested in and follow their patterns.
  • Look out for the ‘besetting sin’ of your industry- common mistakes & misconceptions.

Studying requires great patience and a lot of effort, but certainly, the reward is with it at the end.

Book recommendation: Wealth without Capital, Capital without money – Bright UK


3. Act

Ready? Set? Action!

Yet, many are still left behind, waiting for the right time. For thought leaders, there’s no perfect time. The only time we are assured of is ‘Now’ and that’s the best tool in our employ- the power of today.

Acting needs to be sponsored by knowledge and that is why, for this final point to be fully effective, the first two points (Thinking and Studying) must be done flawlessly. Action requires a well-mapped plan for the effort to be measurable and defined by time. Without action, the world’s best books, greatest inventions, and revolutionary movements did not end as ideas, wallowing in the minds of their owners. After being convinced about how phenomenal their ideas are, thought leaders highlight the important steps to take and then repeatedly do them.

Book recommendation: Eat that FrogBrian Tracy.

There you have it- the three proven steps to becoming a thought leader. Consistently and deliberately practice these skills and you’re on your way to success.


Till next time.