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  1. Immigrate Yourself to Canada – Taiwo ‘Taul’ Adebisi
  2. Take Charge: Following and Fulfilling Fid’s Plan for Your Life – Ademola Babatunde
  3. The Believer’s Mandate: Establishing the Kingdom of God on Earth – Chido U. Onuoha
  4. Corporate Transition: From Employment to Deployment – Felix Enwenode
  5. Cracking the Unlimited Code: Discover the Uncommon Secrets to a Life of Greatness in God – Henry Obialor
  6. Crumbs to Riches – Saco
  7. Victory in Crisis – Seyi Solesi


Developmental and Structural Editing

  1. Branded or Stranded? – Olusola Amusan
  2. Empowered to Speak – Victor Haruna-Francis
  3. Choosing the Right Person to Marry – Abiola Ogbu
  4. Betrayed with a Kiss: Overcoming the Stings of Betrayal, Conspiracy and Disloyalty – David Adeoye
  5. Don’t Mind Them: You are Destined for Greatness – David Adeoye
  6. Lost but Found: Recovering What the Enemy has Stolen from You – David Adeoye
  7. Reach for the Stars: How to Make it to the Top Against All Odds – David Adeoye


Copy Editing and Proofreading

  1. Teenlionaire: A Guide to Finding Purpose and Building the Foundation for Prosperity – Abimbola Amusan
  2. The Covenant-Keeping God: The Faithfulness of God and What it Means for You Today – Adejuyigbe Alo
  3. A-Z Guide on Tax Audit for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners – Odeyemi Adebola
  4. Digital Dominance: Proven Ways to Make Money from Digital Products and Services – Daniel Ayodele
  5. iDeclare Devotional – Deborah Jesuyinka
  6. Every day is Christmas: The Journey Beyond the Manger – Timothy Aderemi
  7. Your Kid is Super Talented: Stories about Greatness – Kola Lenson
  8. Christ Revealed by Matthew Ozigbo


Digital Publishing

  1. Unlock Your Greatness: Timeless Keys to Releasing Your Potentials – Omatsuli Onuwaje
  2. Living with a Difficult Spouse – Ade Owolabi
  3. The Marriage Communication Code – Ade Owolabi

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