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Become a thought leader in your industry by turning your ideas and experience into best-sellers.

We provide a full range of media and publishing services to help you author your book, multiply your influence and reinforce your authority in record time without stress.

Ghostwriting & Content Creation

We provide cutting-edge writing and content creation services based on thorough research that includes ideation, interviews, transcription, and transformation to understand and achieve your message, concepts, and publishing goals. Our contents are creative, captivating, clear, and compelling to targeted audiences.

Editing and Proofreading

Our professional editors process scripts through different phases of editing (developmental, structural, content, fact-checking and copyediting) to produce an error-free manuscript that provides a smooth-sail reading experience for audiences.

Branding & Design

In the 21st century, books are judged by their covers; hence, our exquisite designs are created to grab readers’ attention and ensure that every detail on the cover sells your book. We also provide inner layout designs and illustrations that are clear, creative and custom-crafted to communicate your message.

Global Standard Printing

Nothing helps your audience to appreciate the quality of intellectual input that goes into the production of your book like quality printing. We provide world-class print services with technical partners in and out of the country.

Digital Publishing

We take ideas and books beyond local borders and reach international audiences through digital publishing on the foremost global platforms (including Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, Scribd, etc.) both in e-books and other formats.

Website Development

Our technical and technology consultancy services are designed to provide a professional online presence that fits the your brand as well as that of your book. The website deployed will also support all stages of product sales, marketing and promotion, and serve as the informational board for details about your book with premium features and integrations.

Audiobook Production

In today’s fast-paced world, audiobooks help readers to consume knowledge speedily and with ease. We turn books to audiobooks with excellent speech narration to create a fantastic experience for your readers to listen on the go.

Book Launch Event Management

Book launches are a great way to announce your book to your audience and make your first quantum sales. We will take the stress off you while planning and implementing an effective launch that matches your preferences and budget and gives your audience a delightsome experience.

Course Content Design

We design attractive, effective, and engaging online courses from your book to provide deeper understanding of your chosen subject to your audience.

Sales Systems and Website Development

We develop, design, and deploy websites to support all stages of product sales, marketing, and promotion, and serve as the informational board for your book with premium features and integrations. We also set up a payment gateway account to ensure that buyers can order your book seamlessly and have good purchase experiences.

Social Media Management

Our technical and technology consultancy services are designed to provide a professional online presence that fits your brand as an author as well as your book; for effective promotion, marketing, and continuous engagement with audience to build and sustain massive followership.

Media Buying

We buy slots and media spaces on mass market media like radio, television, and newspaper to help reach a wide range of audience. We also buy spaces for out-of-home display (still and digital).

Strategic Consulting and Ongoing Support

We provide advisory and hands-on assistance with all necessary steps to publish your book. We partner with you through every step of the ideation, mapping, writing, publishing, and post-publishing process to ensure your book is a success.

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