What is Book Publishing? Types of Book Publishing

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Book publishing is an integral part of our lives that makes it possible to transfer knowledge from one generation to another, it is also a means to preserve knowledge and information that would otherwise get lost or missing as the years wear in. Imagine you still have access to discoveries and knowledge from years ago, and the good part is that it is not restricted to some particular set of people.

You found this article because you were looking to acquire more knowledge about book publishing either as an individual entity or as a brand, and that is what I will be sharing with you in this article. As a bonus, I will share the requirements for you to publish a book, remember I said everybody could publish a book, and I also recommend where you can publish your book.

What is Book Publishing?

A book is a set of printed sheets of paper that are held together inside a cover, and it can also be a long written work that can be read on a computer, according to Britannica.

Over the years, we have seen a transition from the regular definition of books that could only be accessed when you walk into a physical store or your physical library at home, to something we can access with our devices which is what we call e-books. Regardless of the name tag, as long as it falls into a book, it fits into what I will be discussing in this article. 

The REIT Book is a comprehensive guide on real estate financing and investment
An example of a published book published by Scribe Tribe

Book publishing is the art of making information, and literature that has been compiled into a book available for members of the public at a designated price or for free. it basically refers to the creation, compilation, and distribution of information and knowledge.

It involves a lot of work whether you want to publish as an ebook that can be accessible with our mobile devices in digital stores or as a paperback that will be accessed through physical stores.

There is the process of identifying what you want to write about, your audience, and other factors that will be considered. If you’re looking toward writing and launching your book, and you don’t know how to achieve that, you can reach us at ScribeTribe to help you sort it out and you will have your published book at your doorstep.

Moving on,

Importance of Publishing  a Book

  1. Credibility: It helps to prove your credibility in your preferred industry. Writing a book is an avenue to transfer knowledge from one generation to another, and it also allows people who are interested in hiring you to see that you have sufficient knowledge about a topic that will be helpful in you delivering value to them. The more books you write and publish, the more your credibility is defined.
  2. Thought leadership: Book publishing establishes you as a thought leader in your field. People will look up to your perspective on subject matters relating to your industry because they have seen trails of your wisdom in solving industry-related challenges, providing solutions to problems, and providing helpful market insights. It also serves as an endorsement of your professional knowledge and experience.
  3. Lead generation: It generates leads for you either as an individual or as a corporate organization, yes, a corporate organization can also publish a book. This leads

Types of Book Publishing

1. Traditional Publishing

This type of publishing is the process where your book is published by an existing publishing house. The publishing house handles all the processes required to publish your book and takes off the stress of the bulk of the job, but at the same time, you are also giving permission to adjust your manuscript to fit their desire, you have no control over the content of your book and the price. Also, you will get paid royalties in percentage depending on the contract agreement.

The publisher or publishing house basically buys the right to publish your book and pays you royalties from the sales made. For traditional publishing, authors don’t get charged the publisher foots the entire cost of publishing the book.

2. Self-Publishing

to self-publish a book means that you are committing to learn how to bring your book to life or contracting it out to other people who handle all aspects of the publishing journey and you still own 100% copyright of the work. Most times self-published authors hire editors and, designers and pay them as they would a painter or bricklayer.

Unlike traditional publishing, a self-published author has total control of the manuscript and gets full payment for the book instead of royalties. Another benefit of Self-publishing is that you get to bypass gatekeepers defining what your book should be and what it shouldn’t be.

In a world like ours, it’s difficult to successfully get the right set of people to handle your book project considering the fact that you may not have experience in the industry and also the time and effort that goes into identifying and sorting vendors alongside compiling your manuscript takes much more time and resources than you imagine.

This is why we do what we do at ScribeTribe Africa. We are not a regular publishing company, we simply help you achieve your dreams of becoming a self-published author without compromising your manuscript and the process involved. If this is what you need, send us a message here. Due to the large number of requests we get from interested authors like you, hurry now to secure your spot before it’s closed.


In this article, I have shared the definition of book publishing, its importance, and the types of book publishing that exist. I will end with this, an author is not an individual who has their book in the corner of their brain but someone who publishes the information that has been stored in the brain.

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